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'Winter Ferns' is a giclée print taken from a cyanotype print, using a fern leaf which I grew and pressed in my garden.


There are two colour variations -black and blue- and two sizes. Where I live there are no street lights and so on a cold, cloudless evening the sky and garden can look spectacular.



The Finer Details


Gicleé print from an original cyanotype, digitally manipulated.


small: 29cm x 6.5cm approx £5


This will be an open ediction gicleé print (it is a digital reproduction from the original).


The Gicleé prints are created using a specialist printer with 12 ink tanks.


All come unframed, and are signed, titled by hand.


Please note that the copyright of this artwork, or any artwork on the website, is retained by the artist, Su France.


My shipping and returns policy, as well as information on customs charges is here.

Small Winter Ferns

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