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Single Poppy Pod Pendants

The silver cast poppy pod pendants are from solid 100% silver -they are intricately detailed having a unique, organic look. The silver cast can be worn every day, suspended from a chain or cord and worn as a statement piece or layered with other necklaces for a more eclectic look. Be aware that jewellery may snap on particularly fine fabics so care should be taken.


These pendants are a beautiful and meaningful accessory that can be given as a gift or treasured as a personal keepsake.


These particular pendants come on a cut length of cord (with no clasp) which you can cut to the perfect length of cord for you or add to your favourite chain. 


Sizes of length

a - 6cm

b - 6.4cm

c - 5cm 

d - 8.3cm

e - 6.5cm

f - 7cm

g - 6.3cm

h - 5cm

i - 7.5cm

j - 4.2cm


Single Poppy Pod Pendants

Poppy Pod Version
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