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This print which was inspired by many of my coastal walks, those precious times when I’m able to marvel at the age of a pebble, turning over textured treasures in my hands. I often spend time looking closely for those with quartz lines, and finding all the amazing weather-worn fissures. Rocks, pebbles and boulders hold a special place for me, as they are a reminder of visits and times spent on beaches, and alongside waves.


Printed on acid free Somerset paper, from St Cuthbert’s Mill, using environmentally friendly inks.


This is a one-off mono print.


It is an original mono print (it is not a digitally reproduced image).


Image size: 41.4 x 29.4cm


My collagraph print technique starts when I hand craft each plate to a design I have in mind, using a range of techniques and tools. Ink is then carefully applied by hand to the plate.  After placing the element on the Gunning bed and during the process of running the plate under the print roller, it is pressed into damp paper, transferring the ink, and creating a unique, debossed impression of the original design.


All prints come unframed, wrapped in compostable cellophane with a recycled card backing. Each print is individually hand signed, embossed with my logo and numbered.


Please note that the copyright of this artwork, or any artwork on the website, is retained by me, Su France, the artist.

Perfectly Balanced- Collagraph Print

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