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How do I commission a beautiful piece from botanical artist, Su France?

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

three long images of part of a botanical artist print a winter tree in sepia and black. It is a view through a window
Testing prints for a special commission

Reasons For Commissions

People commission prints or jewellery from me, a botanical artist, for various reasons. These are as diverse and interesting as those who request the artwork.

Commissioned prints can be used as unique and personalized gifts for loved ones or colleagues. They are decorative pieces, having much more meaning than something generic which may be bought 'off the shelf'. I had a large commission from Ironbridge Fine Arts, after a client viewed one or two of my pieces in my exhibition there.

a print of a view through a window is held up next to the window being shown with a view a tree
'Home' print commission -Photo credit Saffron Lovatt

Prints I've created, as commissions, have so far commemorated memorable events: a tree, which played a significant role, sharing its strength and resilience in a home birth, a special birthday, a wedding anniversary illustrating a favourite meadow walk and on one occasion simplify to celebrate a home, with a stunningly beautiful view.

There are several reasons why someone may choose to commission a piece of jewellery from a me. Firstly, again there's the personalised design: by commissioning a piece of jewellery, the customers who work with me have the opportunity collaborate to create a piece which reflects individual taste and preferences.

Customers can incorporate specific elements of nature:

  • These may be meaningful to them

  • ask for textures which really make their heart sing

  • Numbers of elements such as the silver bands on a fiddle ring or bangle

  • the amount of flowers on a pendant may hold personal significance for them,

  • representing children,

  • years of togetherness

  • the number of decades being celebrated on a birthday.

Commissioning a piece of jewellery ensures that the piece is unique and one-of-a-kind, tailored to their size, as it is created specifically for the client.

two prints are on a flat lay. The one at the top shows meadow stems in gold on black paper with a white boarder, the one below also shows the same seedbeds, cow parsley, grasses and ferns but  on a sepia toned background.
Experimenting with colour ways for a meadow print

Working with a botanical artist

With attention to detail, quality and craft, some customers may be involved in the process, from the initial design to the final product, ensuring that the piece is made to their exact specifications. Others like to trust me with a brief and enjoy the surprise of what I create. I prioritise ethical and sustainable practices and this resonates with many of my customers. By working with an artisan, they can support small businesses and reduce their environmental impact by choosing materials that are responsibly produced.

From March 2023, I have started writing down in advance of my makes, all details that will be included in the fine art print or piece of jewellery, once commissioned. A client will be given a copy of the contract, once a deposit or payment is received and we will both sign it.

A silver ring is shown at an angle with its reflection. The background is a light green.
Spinner or fiddle ring design

Testimonials for sustainable art

Clients who take the time to write a testimonial or review are so very much appreciated. They show others I'm an artisan to be trusted.

One client who ordered oak leaf prints explained:

A view looking up at the canopy of an in leaf green oak tree with the sun  streaming through leaves
Photo credit Anna Breese-Davies for this beautiful Oak tree and the home interior film below

Once in a while you meet someone, a craft maker, an artist and a creator whose thoughtfulness, care and consideration speaks volumes through their work.

Su France heard my story, gently pressed our ancient Welsh oak leaves and created the most beautiful prints. I commissioned a series of three and had to come home with five!

All too beautiful and evocative to resist.

Do get in touch if you would like to commission a piece for yourself, using the link below

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