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Introducing the Snowy Woodrush Botanical Print, a unique piece of art created using the intaglio method. This print captures the delicate and calming image of snowy woodrush, in warm and inviting tones.



This print was inspired by the snowy woodrush grass, which I grow outside of my living room window. The rush itself provides tasty seeds and a habitat for all sorts of insects and I love watching birds, perching near the waving stems. For this print, I collected the stems, gently pressed for weeks. before I committed it to print.


The plant which I grew and carefully hand pressed is a grass which is quite relaxed in our garden- its supposed to be a vigorous variety, however ours is preferring to stay happy as it is, living near our back door and bringing joy throughout the seasons.


The Finer Details 

H 29.8cm x W14.8cm

Printed on my Gunning Etching Press.

Please note: this print is unframed and unmounted.


A mono print process ensures that each piece is truly one-of-a-kind, making it a special addition to any art collection. Sustainable inks ensure that these prints not only look beautiful, but are environmentally friendly as well.

Whether displayed individually or as a set, these botanical prints are the perfect addition to any nature lover's home.


I have written a blog post about how you can decide if a print may fit in your home, if that interests you, here.


Bring the serene beauty of nature into your home. 

Snowy Woodrush Botanical Print series

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