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This print depicts a weathered cliffside barn overlooking the sea. Its aged stone walls and slanted roof glow warmly against the twilight sky. Through three tiny illuminated windows, a glimpse delicate seaweed made gold in light.


Outside, the waves crash  and winds blow, in an endless rhythm, having shaped this enduring structure as much the hands that built it.


The barn stands steadfast, a sanctuary from the temperamental nature of seaside life.


Inside, I imagine generations seeking shelter from biting winds and stormy nights. Fisherfolk mending nets by glowing hearths after long days on the water.

Weary finding refuge within its sturdy walls before continuing their journeys.

Gaze at this cliffside caretaker, as constant as the tides, now bright beacon now quiet witness to all who pass through its weathered door. The golden glow hints at the comfort it has offered through the years - a shelter, a place of safety, sanctuary within.


From her rural studio, Su France's prints unearth nature's overlooked details and cycles, linking viewers to tranquil moments. A 2022 Arts Council England grant supported the development of her sustainable, ethical creative process celebrating the untamed.


The Finer Details


This is an original print (it is not a digitally reproduced print).


Image size: approx A4

The inks used are Cranfield safe wash and there is hand applied gold foils.


The paper is Somerset and is unbleached.


How Its Made

My intaglio print technique starts when ink is carefully applied by hand to the plate (in this case the pressed botanica)l with the collagraph, the barn. The plant here is a seaweed, which long before printing, I pressed. You can find out about this technique in my blog about flower pressing.


After placing the elements on the Gunning etching bed, it is pressed into damp paper, with the rollers transferring the ink, and creating a unique impression. If you would like to know more about my collagraph making, read my blog post here. 


All prints come unframed, wrapped in compostable cellophane with a recycled card backing. Each print is individually hand signed, embossed with my logo and numbered. This print is 1/1 meaning its an original, one off.


Please note that the copyright of this artwork, or any artwork on the website, is retained by me the artist, Su France.


My shipping and returns policy, as well as information on customs charges is here

Sanctuary Within- A4 original print

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