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We grow daisies here, as they hold nectar and are exploited by various pollinating insects, including butterflies, bees and hoverflies and also because simply they're gorgeous. They are common in grasslands and meadows with wildflowers. If left to its own ways, it can frequently colonise open ground and is especially abundant in the set-aside around the farm, here. I love them so much that they were my wedding flowers. 


I've discovered that daisies were used in France to foresee romantic relationships since it was thought that they were strongly tied to prediction. Games like "he loves me, he loves me not" allow players to select petals to represent their chances of discovering love.


This solar plate print shows ox eye daisies and grasses, which welcome us home in June and July here. 


This is an original, limited edition 2/20 print (it is not a digitally reproduced print).


Image size: 21 x 15cm

Paper size:  31 x 24.5cm


For this print I have used a solar plate. This is a more environmentally conscious way of creating printing plates. It is light-sensitive metal plate which captures an image when exposed to light. To print from this solar plate, I have hand inked and wiped, using eco-friendly inks, before pressing onto acid-free paper, using my Gunning press.


All prints come unframed, wrapped in compostible cellophane with a recycled card backing. Each print is individually hand signed and numbered.


Please note that the copyright of this artwork, or any artwork on the website, is retained by me, Su France, the artist.

Perfectly Imperfect- Meadow Solar plate print

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