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'Autumn's Signature' is a limited edition giclée print taken from an intaglio, botanical monoprint print, with the gingko leaf printed using my Gunning press. I used beautiful Autumnal colours I mixed with a palette knife, using translucent ink to give a layering effect.  


Ginkgo with its very distinctive leaves is a unique species of tree from China, with no living relatives. It is a 'living fossil' and clear similarities can be seen with fossils dating back 270 million years. Ginkgo is used in medicine including aiding patients to help improve their memory.


The Finer Details

This is a limited edition Gicleé print (it is a digital reproduction from the original).


Image size:

42cm x 29.7cm (portrait) - limited to 50


How Its Made

After collecting gingko that are suitable for printing, it takes time to create each  print. I have permission to forage in a local botanical garden and this Gingko came from one particular visit (see the tree in the third image). I clean, dry then press the leaves before carefully inking it up by hand and running through my Gunning press.


The Gicleé prints are created with digital images, using a specialist printer with 12 ink tanks.


All prints come unframed, and are signed, titled and numbered by hand.


Please note that the copyright of this artwork, or any artwork on the website, is retained by the artist, Su France.


My shipping and returns policy, as well as information on customs charges is here

Autumn's Signature

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