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What does your silver hallmark look like & what does it mean?

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

A close up image of the five marks on a bangle including the assay office and the sponsor marks.
Hallmarking on a solid silver bangle

Does silver have to be hallmarked and who does it?

I use a hallmark according to the regulations which state that all items over 7.78g must be marked by an assay office. All my jewellery is hallmarked by the Sheffield Assay Office.

There are also assay offices in London, Birmingham, and Edinburgh.

Why do you use a hallmark? It’s required that the hallmark is used so that my customers can identify the quality of the jewellery piece they’re buying, the assay office tests the purity The Full Traditional Hallmark comprises five marks:

  • Sponsor's mark (mine is SFD)

  • Millesimal fineness mark (the 925 is sterling silver)

  • Assay Office mark (the rose is Sheffield)

  • Traditional fineness mark (meets the sterling silver quality)

  • Year Mark (the example here is 2018)

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