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How do I measure for that special bangle?

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

A guide to measuring around your hand, for that perfect fit for your bespoke bangle design.

Ready to order a bangle?

Let's make sure you send the right right size.

How to Measure Your Bangle Size:

1. Place hand in the position of putting on a silver bangle.

2. Measure (in cm) around the widest part of your hand including your thumb knuckle with a string or tape measure.

Take the measurement to the nearest mm. Check it a few times.

3.That's it! Now you know your bangle bracelet size.

Bangle Sizes (in cm)


The chart shows centimetres and inches as measurements
Bangle measurement chart

Check out the silver bangles page to see what is currently available.

Most of the bangles I make are created to commission.

Another way to find the perfect size for your bangle/ bracelet.

Alternatively, you can find a bangle you already own and measure the diameter, to the

nearest mm. Be sure to measure in various places, if the bangle you own, to check its fully circular.

A mm or two can make a real difference to whether or not you can get the item of jewellery on and we all have different preferences with fit. I've made some bangles for clients where the customers wished to place the bangle on their wrist once and never take it off, so aimed for quite. tight fit. Others like their jewellery accessories looser.

Do get in touch here, if you would like to commission a piece, especially for you or someone you love.

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